The Box Learning Studio

Accredited Architectural Technology, Draughting & Beauty & Nail Technology Courses

Architectural Technology

Training in architectural technology, building, technical design and construction.

Architectural Draughting

CAD and freehand sketch training to create architectural designs and drawings from preliminary design concepts.

Beauty & Nail Technology

In-depth professional beauty and nail programme provided by internationally qualified beauty therapists.

Our Courses

We also provide comprehensive bridging courses to ensure that you transition smoothly into your major.

R30 000.00

ND. Architectural Technology (First Year)

The Architectural Technologist, also known as a building technologist, provides technical building design services and solutions and is trained in architectural technology, building, technical design and construction.

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A Learning Experience Unlike Any Other

We see our learners as clients rather than students and therefore we undertake to provide the best service and value we can offer by utilizing the best resources available & providing a great learning environment and excellent quality of education to produce high quality candidates for institutions & companies.

Gareth Scheepers — Founder & CEO.

The Box Learning Studio uses the small class ratio 20/1 which is 1 facilitator to maximum of 20 students. This ensures that the learner has enough interaction with the person who is teaching them. The 20/1 ratio is critical to the student’s success and increases learning interaction and relationships among students.

The Box uses blended learning as a preferred teaching method. Blended learning allows learners to pick and choose how they want to learn and affords them greater flexibility and convenience about when they want to learn and how they learn it. By developing learning strategies that incorporate a wide variety of learning activities, we can more efficiently utilize learning resources and increase learning.

Employers and companies require skills and experience often more than qualifications, and this is where we come in, we bridge the gap between industry and education by providing the skills and workplace experience you need. Short courses add to your expertise and increases your CV and capabilities, also it adds to your skill level which can have a positive effect on your job or college/ university application.

The box gives you, the individual total control over your learning experience. Unlike any other institution the box allows you the flexibility to mix and match short courses from any field and create your own custom learning programme. It is like taking different products off the shelf at a store placing them into your ‘box’ and proceeding to checkout.

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What Our Students Have to Say

The courses are well structured and assist the students with the necessary skills in preparation for either the working world or other more advanced courses. The lecturers have great enthusiasm and energy to share knowledge with their students.
Marc Chong-Seng
Eastern Cape, South Africa
This is just the right blend needed for people wanting to gain entrance to their elected field of design...
Marc Kotzé
Eastern Cape, South Africa

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